Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs Gone But Not From Our Lives

Steve Jobs - 1955-2011 Today we lost a true genius, a one of a kind visionary in the world of personal computers, personal consumer electronics, personal communication and entertainment devices; opening up a new era of personal en-lightenment. For under his watch, personal gadgetry did became lighter, smaller, more powerful, elegant and more fun.

The world is at a loss to replace such men when they pass and they always seem to leave us too soon, with so much they wanted to do still left undone. But Jobs, like so many others who stand as icons among inventors, futurists and intrepid entrepreneurs, one in a million who seem to find a way to move the ball of humanity forward, should not and will not vanish into time and space. They will return to us, maybe after resting up a bit, perhaps as Steve Jobs version 2.0.

If Life is immutable, and much scientific evidence now points to that possibility, then only the body passes away, but the spirit of the man will return. While we should mourn him today, because what we know of him has physically left us, we can also be relieved that he is no longer in pain and suffering, with a body that had failed him. Maybe now he can rest up a bit and choose his moment and then return to possibly accomplish even greater things. Maybe not as Steve, per say, but nevertheless as another visionary who takes us beyond Apple. Maybe next time he'll even take us beyond the stars.

Thanks Steve. You made things better for all of us. What better measure is there of a man? In the game of Life, Steve Jobs won.

The following video share: Steve Job's Stanford commencement speech: How to live before you die!

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