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A View Beyond the Stars: A Book About Enduring Consciousness

Introduction to the eBook: A View Beyond the Stars
“The world of the mind is an illimitable land whose boundaries are as vast as the Universe itself; and thought is calling us at all times to the undiscovered countries lying beyond the next visible range of mountains.” -- Sam Ervin, Jr.

The average guy on the street doesn’t think about the “Big Bang”, quantum mechanics, or what twisted mood the Creator must have been in to whip up the warped little Universe we live in. Frankly, most of us are busy trying to keep enough money in the bank, the government out of our pockets and figure out why our kid just has to have a nose ring. We haven’t got the time or inclination to speculate technically on why the Universe is the way it is. Most reason such mental exercise should be reserved for those guys with the huge heads and squinty eyes with coke bottle lens glasses. They get paid to think about black holes, why the dinosaurs disappeared and where God might hang out in his spare time. What we do know is that we have a lot of problems, most of our friends have a lot of problems and nobody really has time to hear about ours because they’re too busy worrying about their own.

It appears there is a fair amount of disillusionment with Life in fact for most people, if you pry beneath the surface with them a bit. It’s changed dramatically from the way we thought things were supposed to be like when we were kids. Then, Life was full of simple wonders to explore at every turn. There were no boundaries for imagination and we believed we could have everything we could see and touch. The simple joy of living was pure and good. What happened? Well, our reorientation began as toddlers and by the time we hit our thirties, we have been thoroughly convinced we “know” about Life. It’s not what we hoped it would be, but we’ve got the basics down now and we can deal with it. Is it miserable? No, not usually.

In fact most of us lead fairly decent lives if we have followed the prescribed path, barring missteps or sudden catastrophe. For those who haven’t, well they weren’t as lucky, or should have been raised more responsibly, right? For those of us who enjoy financial and physical health, good families, friends and reasonable goals for the future, Life is pretty good actually. So what’s the problem?

It depends on your perspective, but since we are fairly sapient beings, meaning having higher awareness of self than say, field mice, we have to tune out a lot in order to live peacefully within ourselves. For instance, unlike dogs and cats, we contemplate our existence, our mortality and even our place in the broader Universe – routinely. That is, before the all-ness of it all presses in on us and we quickly divert our attention to more productive, safer mental havens. Yet, for just a moment sometime in our lives, we have all paused upon an ancient path most merely peer intently down for just long enough to discern it is an eerie one. We shake our heads and proceed down the well worn trail followed by the rest of mankind. Only a strange few seem to be drawn to the rock strewn incline leading to the foggy rim of the cliffs over the abyss beyond. Like places of mystery beyond the known world on the maps of ancient mariners, we are warned: “here be dragons”! It’s certainly no place for the level headed. Besides, it’s probably just a dead end anyway. No one has really reported back with anything truly important from out there, have they? Still, we know something very odd is going on beyond our view of reality.

As the speculation goes, 15 billion years or so ago, give or take a few eons, our Universe blazed into existence from a single point of light. Everything else is history. We can measure it, define it and speculate about the rest we don’t know about. What went on before this “Big Bang” is the subject of this book. Obviously there has been no greater influence on humans, than the creation of our Universe; the beginning of all we know as reality. But what was happening just moments preceding its ignition? If indeed there has been a single author of our Universe, reasonable speculation into the motivations prompting its creation should prove to be fascinating. This is exploration into our essence as human beings and that which came before and follows beyond the horizon of our existence – beyond the crepuscule .

This book is not a religious treatise. There have been far too many of those. And there is nothing here but the barest possible discussion of science, because we are feeling around in the darkness which preceded all things measurable by science in fact. This is not a work that particularly embraces philosophy, though it obviously ponders familiar concepts. Quite simply, this book is speculation into the mind of the Creator. Therein only will we discover the answers to questions that equally plague and yet fascinate mankind. Can we and perhaps most importantly for some, should we be so presumptuous as to assume the right to step onto what many would proclaim as sacred ground?

We are presently at a crossroads, poised tentatively at the threshold of breakthroughs in science, medicine and genetic engineering which will more expansively pass traditional powers to mere mortals, formerly preserved for the exclusive use of the gods. We are technically meddling in affairs we have been raised to fear reprisals for already. Our religious programming, which is part of the bedrock of human society even still, gives us pause at each milestone in technological advance to tremble slightly in anticipation of the lightning bolt from the heavens from which we have yet been spared. Have we merely failed to apply the final straw to the proverbial camel’s back?

In any case, we must endeavor to precede the technological juggernaut we have created in our world, with a new understanding of a deeper heritage for Life many find lacking despite the huge volumes of work of science and religion. Something is missing. There appear to be plenty of clues, but it isn’t all quite adding up. Yet, it is essential that we explore our earliest roots as sentient beings, different in character and body – though identical in origin - for our civilization to usher in yet another major era of newer, more powerful technology. Don’t think it has all been figured out for you already. It hasn’t been. The answers are still out there waiting to be discovered. Now, more than ever, it’s still so very important for you to wonder “why”? Notice the ever so slight shimmer in the reality of the world around you. There is something there, just out of reach, but never really out of mind. And there is that question imbedded deeply in all of us. It can be answered. And it will not be what you expected. And yet, it is more than we humans could ever hope for.

This work has been incredibly uplifting and a result of more than 20 years of investigation, pondering and rethinking most of the paradigms we have taken for granted about the birth of human consciousness and our progress to civilization. This book is not for everyone. It is blasphemous, irreverent and probing without conscience. Though, for those who thrive on exploration, it should prove to be more than merely intriguing; hopefully fascinating. For those who fear we are tempting the wrath of various deified super-beings, who would object to merely questioning their motivations, I can only suggest they stop reading and head for their bunkers. For those who are merely skeptical of anything that appears too radical, I offer that the very nature of exploration is to push beyond the already known boundaries into potentially dangerous new territory. What harm is there here to a little intellectual adventure? Perhaps even you will be pleasantly surprised at what you might discover.

By this work, I do not seek anything short of rattling the rusty frame of a society which gamely insists on building higher, more complex social structures, which teeter ever more precariously. Our modern Golden Age of high technology is capable of launching men to the distant stars, in bodies we can genetically engineer to last the journey. But, we insist on subjecting ourselves to psychological ruin from a tug ‘o war created by the hyper-speed pace of our modern civilization and the archaic myths of religious dogma that mire us in the same primordial mud we have slogged through since the dawn of time on Earth; perhaps even longer. It is time to break free of the gravitational pull of primal fear, human guilt and ignorance of our past in order to truly reach the stars.

The real irony is that we will survive everything we do, no matter how badly we muck up our civilization. The pity may only be the quality of that Life we impose on ourselves to dwell in from now to eternity.

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