Monday, August 31, 2009

Flexing Space In New Dimensions

“In the beginning there were only probabilities. The Universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The Universe exists because we are aware of it.”

Martin Rees, Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics and Master of Trinity College at the University of Cambridge

Our planet appears to humanity much like an island surrounded by a vast and empty sea of open space extending infinitely into the void of the cosmos beyond. As far as human beings have been able to see into the far reaches of the Universe around us, Earth is the only hospitable place capable of supporting Life as we know it here. In fact, our bodies are only able to live because they are surrounded by various Life sustaining environments, all supported by the rather intricate ecosystem very unique to our planet. And while organisms of all types appear to thrive and grow in this medium with great tenacity, it also demonstrates that our living bodies are in fact rather fragile. They require an incredible balance of chemistry, heat and gases to live at all and in addition, an impressive lower food chain as well. Carl Sagan was once quoted as saying: “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” Given the clear evidence of a tremendous Lifelessness for perhaps light years of distance all around us, it should occur to you that it is with great good fortune we find such peculiar conditions to exist here on Earth at all.

There is much debate on whether living organisms could spring forth spontaneously from random chemical interactions, or that it all required a divine hand to stir the right ingredients into the soup. Just as those to the side of hard science and those of deep religious faith will argue their opposing theories without final resolution, we could also find flaws with each that could serve to invalidate either of them. But the purpose of the book A View Beyond the Stars has been to propose a third theory, which in many ways appears just as fantastic to either of other two.

To many, it is utterly inconceivable that a supreme being could exist, that is capable of creating a whole Universe from nothing and even more incomprehensible, why such a being would create frail humans to dwell in it for what could only be construed as pure amusement. Yet to those of faith, it is equally without merit to imagine a cold Universe that brings chemically induced intelligent Life spontaneously forth to struggle through great challenge, pain and suffering without a higher purpose. And there appears to be no amount of evidence either will accept to successfully refute the other’s point of view. So far, no one has managed to return from their travels in the after Life with the brochure, as evidence of any exploits beyond our Earthly one. Thus we remain a world divided on one of the most essential questions of our existence. Perhaps there is room for a theory which could offer some thoughtful alternatives to both - that there is neither “no-purpose”, nor “divine-purpose”. There may simply be: “unique-purpose”.

One concept that neither side will dispute is that Life and intelligent awareness of self is quite unique in the Universe around us. It is distinctly different from all other things that we can observe in our surrounding world. No matter why or how Life has come about, it is in all ways alien to the everything else in the physical plane and it alone possesses the ability to create animate Life from inanimate matter. Whether, by design or consequence however, this peculiar and indefinable sentient energy source does consistently appear where the proper environment emerges to embrace it. And it possesses a will of it’s own to survive and to propagate itself, once it gains a foothold in the material world.

It is this consciousness with intention to exist and to thrive that sets the property of living above all else that the Universe has to offer and perhaps most importantly, to offer purpose to an always unique point from which to view everything else. For without any awareness and a point of view from which to observe it, the Universe would have no purpose after all. And without a purpose, or any ability to experience it, the physical Universe would also not exist, just as the proverbial tree that fell in the forest, where no one or no thing would ever hear it, in effect did not happen.

It has been argued that the Universe had to exist in order to create conditions that eventually spawned Life, which then came to “view” and thereby validate the existence of the material world. True, but this would presuppose that the Universe would always eventually find the right random combinations that spontaneously create sentient Life in order to provide a sufficiently intelligent spectator – as if it intended to evolve to, or had a purpose to evolve to that higher order. But there is no condition of volition in materiality. And even if it appeared that matter did organize itself toward some purpose, we can’t rule out a source of Life that inserts itself into the material world from outside the physical plane to “nudge” things in the direction of fostering organic material somewhere within.

Of course Life, as a unique property and unlike anything else in our Universe, is perceived by many to be exclusively endowed by The Creator, or God, according to those of creationist faith and most believe that there is only the one. The proposition made here is that both Creationism and Evolutionism can be correct, yet neither is exclusive of the other and neither solves the puzzle of “why?” completely without an addition of this third option which offers unique-purpose, existence - or “unique-ism” if you like.

This supposes that there is intelligent design behind the physical evolution of a material Universe and that its purpose is to create a playing field for contest and challenge between living beings, as well as unlimited expansion and growth in form and circumstance. And this proposition allows for a Creator that endows Life into the Universe, not as lower orders of supplicant Life, but fully capable Creators in their own right, who have chosen broad limitations in exchange for opportunity to experience the Effect of the Cause of their unique and plentiful creations. And maybe the most important limitation is the full knowledge of the capability of their potentiality. As fantastic as this may sound to some, it at least offers a compelling explanation for both Creation and Evolution, each equally fantastic in their own right and why they both can appear true for some and yet remain logically incomplete solutions for all.

Bodies, as in those of human beings, are vessels in some ways not unlike ships on a vast sea that enable each unique living being the ability and vehicle in which to navigate the great sea of the physical plane. A being looks into the Universe through the various Life forms it chooses to inhabit and from which to peer into this tiny world called Earth. The physical form it chooses to use establishes identity, a unique perspective, purpose and constitutes itself as a player in The Game. Bodies provide beings with location and physical anchors within the material plane. Without a body from which to view it, our world may not even be apparent to a being at all. They do not exist at the same vibration level as that of the physical Universe.

An important note to make here however, is that most certainly beings without bodies probably can and do detect other spiritual beings existing and vibrating at similar wavelengths, with or without bodies. The difference is that living and being immersed in a physical plane has dulled our senses to the ultra high frequencies of beings operating outside it. We already know that there are audio wavelengths as well as light wavelengths above and below our body’s ability to detect them. Ironically we will endeavor to invent devices that may some day detect the vibrational frequency of Life itself. Wouldn’t it be awe inspiring on that day to realize we are surrounded by entities such as ourselves, all vibrating in harmony and finally come to understand with this final proof that we are one and yet uniquely individuals within that whole?

Everything that is composed of matter has its own unique vibrational frequency because everything in our Universe is in motion – from the sub atomic level to the astronomic. We use the body’s sensory organs to interpret these physical Universe vibrations. For instance, we use our eyes to perceive a narrow band of light frequency of photons bouncing off various objects within our view. We use our ears to perceive the frequency of sound vibrations; also within a fairly narrow band of a broader spectrum of sound. These are two obvious examples of the most familiar vibrations in our world. But there are other waveform and particle vibrations outside our human perception. Just as there can be other worlds completely separated from our sphere of perception teeming with other Life forms.

For example, we can look out over the ocean from a ship and be utterly unaware of a fish beneath the waves, as that same fish is completely unaware of our presence above the surface. We live in separate worlds each invisible to the other, until one or the other crosses the threshold from either above or below. That boundary of perspective and therefore a unique reality is what separates beings without bodies existing outside our Universe, from those of human beings here on Earth. We cannot “see” them as our only perspective now is with human eyes and they cannot “see” us because they are not inside our realm.

Once submerged a scuba diver in the ocean, is now subject to the laws of the sea and not only the beauty, but the peril of any mistake. A diver is also always aware, though they are submerged in the sea that they are not from the ocean and can return to Life above it when they complete their dive. Yet while they are under water, they have no perception of the world outside. In effect, it no longer exists because their perspective has been so thoroughly re-oriented now to beneath the surface of the ocean. This is an apt analogy to describe how beings interact and change their perspective inside and outside the physical plane. They have invested themselves into a unique perspective of the Universe and by the rules of The Game, they are now committed to playing by the rules of that Game and by the allowable strengths and weaknesses of their game piece in The Game. Their view is now re-oriented exclusively to the physical plane. As an actor is fully committed to their part in a play, to act convincingly from that now unique perspective, so are we committed to our exclusive view as a unique individual now existing in the material world.

Still, in each of us, there is a gut-feeling that there should be more to it than even the best of roles we play here on Earth. It is why we question “why?” at all. Whether you are part of the most powerful elite on Earth and wondering why you still feel sometimes hollow, or have managed to find this book in a library where you are merely there to keep warm and everything seems hopeless, you live with that persistent voice. It questions and asks “is this all there is?” and prods you to wonder: “who am I and why am I here”? The voice will not remain silent and it is the same voice mankind has heard in its head for all of existence. It is the query of reason over the quandary of Life versus matter. It seeks to make sense of that which has yet to be explained in spite of valiant efforts of science and the highest priesthood.

And there is one other question: “why do I feel unique, pondering thoughts and things beyond my experiences around me here”? This is a voice in all of us which knows no time and will not be ignored. It implores you to answer. You cannot evade it forever. And the answer is that you have always been and always will be. Your experience of your vast existence is all there, tucked into the recesses of, not mind, but an energy field you take with you everywhere you go. The knowledge you possess, if taken from your entire existence, not just what you remember from your current Life, would put all the libraries of the world to shame. Even if each piece of information took up no more room than a single atom, it would be far more than you could cram into your human brain. You can access all the experience and often strange memories of your existence if you embrace them. But there is a catch. They will fly in the face of everything you hold onto as your current reality. You will experience seismic quakes in the foundation on which you have built your view of the world and what you have been taught about it. If you persist in following your voice, you must also prepare for a change in how you will come to view Life, everything and everyone around you. And your personal test will be whether or not you are ready to experience the answer to that most simple, yet all consuming question: “why?”

The principles of The Game of Life are very familiar to you. You already subscribe to these rules in every other endeavor you take on in Life. There is fairness, an assumed right-way that we want in all our games. Every interaction we have with others here on Earth is governed by rules and most everything we do is in some form or another competitive with others. The rules are carefully laid out to offer no advantage to anyone. The Game is therefore neither fair nor unfair to anyone in particular. There is only equal potential for winning or losing by all the players. However, they must play and win by the rules or they haven’t truly won, even if the score adds up in their favor. They know and everyone else knows when they cheat. Cheating is so universally frowned upon in fact, that I believe it is one of the several very important reasons for having God around. God or the concept of a final arbiter for all Life and The Game is a vital component of The Game – any game for that matter. For polarity, or the assignation of plus and minus activity toward the goal of winning, is very much a basis for any rule of game play; no matter the magnitude of game.

Of course you’ve noticed that all games played professionally have referees. Someone is the final arbiter of The Game and ensures adherence to the rules by all the players. There is accountability for playing fairly by all so that both winning and losing are justly deserved. In order to play competitive sports, you must also agree to be governed by a referee and that they have the last say in any matters of application of the rules that constitute the way any game must be played. In The Game of Life, God has always been seen as the final word. Without God, Life has no referee and that allows some players to cheat, which upsets the orderliness of The Game.

Now of course if we add another element to game-play in Life, one that allows players to play without an acknowledgement of the presence of the referee, it gets even more interesting. Ultimately it allows some players to believe and even act as if they are winning The Game when in fact they are cheating and therefore losing. But with no referee available, their opinion may prevail. This really upsets those who play by the rules and each side, those who subscribe to the rules and those who will not, become more hardened in their positions. Each is ostracized from the others group.

Thus there are players and anti-players. The emergence of anti-players adds even more dimensions to game play. Now The Game is played fairly by those who chose to win by the rules, but they must also use those rules, which do not appear to apply, to ward off the anti-players who are engaged in counter-play using their own rules. How do you beat them when you are on the side of rules and they insist on cheating and beating you unfairly? And so The Game becomes even more complex and with that added complexity, it becomes more fascinating for the immortals who compete against each other, as well as the known and unknown conditions creating infinite combinations for game play.

These are the dynamics of The Game of Life here on Earth. One thing is fairly common among all The Game players, whether they are on the side that chooses to play fairly or not. Most have at least decided to play through the common use of human bodies. This allows beings to play on the physical plane, accepting the handicap of human form and therefore physical limitations not really inherent to their native abilities. This at least establishes some universal boundaries of the playing field and conditions by which players can be engaged in The Game at all. But one thing is absolutely universal and that is from each player’s unique perspective, they want to win. At the very least, they do not want to lose.

All of us crave the positive sensations that are attendant to winning and achieving the prize of accomplishing something we set out to do which pits us against the competitive actions of others and the environment of the playing field. When we do manage to win, we want to win again. When we lose, we want to try again to win. Underpinning all the complexity is the desire for unique sensation derived from a unique experience that can only be gained from self imposed limitations necessary to allow us to be Effect, not always just Cause. Infinite Create, or Cause without Effect is not fun. Infinite potential without expression is a zero-sum game. And thus we put on the uniform of humanity and we hit the field every day in order experience the struggle to succeed against known and unknown odds against our winning. The sensory feedback we get is the juice we live for – not just as human beings, but beings with or without bodies as well. One thing is sure however, if they are “in” our universe, they are playing The Game and as such have those self-imposed limitations to make winning and losing a stimulating contest.

Even when an infinitely powerful being creates something without anyone to view it, that creation has little or no value. This is the reason for our Universe to exist at all. Cause must have Effect, or Cause is without value or purpose. Life as an elemental condition - the essence of existence - does not possess Cause and Effect. It only innately contains Cause, or limitless ability to Create. It must actually create the conditions for Effect in order to have it. In order for Effect to be possible, Cause must limit itself.

At some point in the timeless past before even the concept of our Universe existed, there was a decision. That decision was that infinite Cause without Effect was not rewarding and therefore required Change. Cause needed to Change from an infinite potentiality to that of a finite potential and in that way Effect could be realized. From one infinite potentiality was created an infinite number of potentialities. These were created thereby, each and every one, as individuals and therefore unique potentiality unto themselves. They were deployed into the void to create something unique and therefore unusual, both individually and co-operatively. The combined creation of those individual and unique infinite potentialities resulted in the evolution and expansion of the physical Universe.

A mechanism for infinitely random Effect had been invented - and it was very good. The purpose for Cause had been realized. All the probabilities that exist within evolutionism and creationism were deployed in order to pave the way for The Game. The players donned their uniforms and The Games began. Somewhere in space and time the crowd roared in anticipation of the greatest game ever known to man.

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