Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Time To Grow Up As Beings Not Just As A Race Of Humans

There is no greater challenge, or reward before humankind, than to (re)discover the truth behind the mystery of the origins of our existence. I believe it is the simple ignorance of this truth that brings forth all the incidence of insanity and despair on this planet.

Taking the broader view, I foresee a not-too-distant future where we on Earth will be introduced into a larger community, even just within this Galaxy. When that day comes, we will be expected to assume a responsible role in the affairs of races of beings heretofore unimagined.

We need to arrive to greater maturity as a civilization in order to prepare for that day. If we are to grow as a race of humans, we will need to grow as human beings to ultimately accept our rightful place in the cosmos. We must shed the ignorance and compulsiveness of youth in order to finally emerge as venerable citizens of the galaxy and not just self-indulgent tenants of Earth.

At this writing the universe is estimated at more that 15 billion years old - while Earth is estimated at roughly 5 billion. The history of the universe obviously did not begin here on this planet. If life can be proven to be perpetual in existence, the question should immediately occur to you: What has it been doing for the last 10 billion years or so beyond Earth? Not just for the last few million we know about in our neighborhood. We need to think bigger! Longer!

Our planet resides in a wondrous universe of other “Earths”, other civilizations, other beings. It is time we throw away the old textbooks and begin to rethink our entire model of existence. We can raise ourselves above the petty crimes we commit on ourselves in this microcosm of life here, if we begin to imagine the unimaginable - that the universe is teeming with life and we are not a small insignificant part of it. We are not merely frail humans tucked away in a backwater alley of the Milky Way. We are beings of stature, wealth and power beyond the belief of those who see our planet as the only history book for life in the cosmos.

Let us rejoin the races of sentient beings within our universe starting with waking up to life as it was meant to be - endless in existence, potential and possibilities for the future. Stop thinking bodies. They are mere articles of clothing which we wear out and must be discarded. Unless you believe yourself to be mittens, or socks or trousers, or the like, do not over value their importance.

We are all part of a vast body of life. That is where all things material begin. Not the reverse. The material universe is the stuff we play with. Otherwise, it is no more important than a dust mote floating through a sunny summer's day.

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