Monday, September 13, 2010

History Channel's The Universe Season 5 Has Begun

One of my favorite futurists is author Michio Kaku, a Harvard grown theoretical physicist and frequent host of the History Channel's The Universe series, which is now in season five.

Michio brings the difficult subjects of physics and cosmology down to us Earthlings so we can actually understand much of what he is talking about. The Universe series, also does a great job of unraveling the science behind fantastic new revelations for Parallel Universes, Time Travel, and Nanotechnology. These subjects promise greater changes for mankind over the next few decades than has taken place over the last two thousand years. It is truly a brave new world in the making.

I highly recommend the series and watch for any episodes that feature Michio Kaku. You'll find him charming and eloquent despite the fact that he is a complete science geek and has a list of published works that would instantly knock fluff readers out for the count.

Be prepared to be awed by the special effects and drop-dead gorgeous graphics used as a backdrop to entice the lay person into a realm they may not want to return from.

There are also frequent video uploads to YouTube you can watch out for in case you miss the prime time show and are too cheap to Tivo or DVR the series.

Enjoy! And just remember, science can be fun so long as you can understand what the hell they're talking about. You can quote me on that.

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