Saturday, February 19, 2011

Angels Demons Or Just Aliens?

In 1998, William H. Keith, Jr., aka Ian Douglas, published the first book in his sci-fi Heritage Trilogy Series entitled: Sempar Mars.

The lead-in on reads: "The Year is 2040. The Marines have landed on Mars to guard the unearthed secrets of an ancient and dangerous alien race: Ourselves". He expands upon a gigantic "what-if" concerning "the face on Mars" in the region of Cydonia and the discovery of alien archaeological sites and technology exposed on the outlying planets.

This tightly written, hard-science-fiction novel series, shines a laser light on the growing controversy brewing, not only amongst new-age spiritualists, but hard core scientists now as well. The notion that we are alone in the Universe, much less even in our one small galaxy, is becoming increasingly unsupportable given the growing knowledge base to the contrary. And the book further suggests that though our accepted human history is rife with legends about superhumans, angels and demons, we might actually be viewing persistent evidence of alien visitations throughout Earth's early recorded history.

What evidence you might rightly ask? Well, nothing like a neon sign blinking: Here We Are Stupid! But certainly ample circumstantial evidence in all sacred religious texts, paintings, strange archaeological finds, OOPArt and scores of unexplained technology advances well beyond the capabilities of the locals. Taken individually, many can be explained away, but as a greater body of accumulated data, it may be enough to convict us of being utterly naive should we insist on discounting it all out of hand. We might want to at least consider the possibilities - in lieu of holding out for that alien spaceship landing on the White House lawn as the only acceptable "smoking gun".

There is in fact a considerable catalog of material being amassed worldwide, that points directly to extraterrestrial visitations to Earth, not once but historically frequent, that if fully appreciated would cause even the most sceptical among us to blush. And of course, as we move out into the Solar System, we may find even greater evidence of intergalactic visitation, as strongly suggested by Ian Douglas' books. Just last year, an article entitled: Are Alien Artifacts in our Solar System? from by science author Ray Villard, tantalizes us with similar dangling possibilities.

Ian Douglas refers to the Fermi Paradox in framing the corollary to the old dog-eared question of "are we alone?" to include, "if we aren't, where the heck are they?". The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), was created as a NASA funded project in 1992 (that's your tax dollars at work), using distant listening radio telescopes, they hoped might overhear alien transmissions from deep space, in an effort to answer that question. Today, though privately funded, the SETI Institute has expanded their resources considerably around the world. But still, after all these years of trying to find them, we keep asking ourselves: where are the aliens?

If you read the Heritage Trilogy Series, you will find some surprising, yet logically crafted suppositions that point the finger right back to ourselves. Where are the aliens? Were they somehow marooned here in this backwater Solar System...are they us?

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