Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Is The Law Of Attraction Really?

Anyone who has read the book or seen the movie entitled: The Secret, knows that the Law of Attraction is no secret. But is it really even a law?

There are a number of forces in the universe that act to attract things to each other that science already accepts as laws, or forces of attraction. We mostly think of gravity; unless of course you are able to recall some of your basic high school science classes that refer to the four fundamental interactions, or forces at work in the universe around us. Don't worry, I won't be boring you with any of that and if you want to know more just click on the enclosed hyperlink to research more information on those to your heart's content.

But back to our basic question here about a force of attraction that supposedly responds to thought and is capable of redefining reality to any individuals personal preference; which is the focus of claims made by The Secret. Does this have any scientific basis, or is it merely a fond desire and hope inspired belief that we can control the future with just our minds?

Certainly you will get two distinctly different reactions if you speak to a scientist about the laws of attraction compared to someone who embraces a more metaphysical view of the universe. The scientist will tell you about clumping forces that have created all the galaxies, their stars and the planets that orbit them; held together by the force of gravity. But they will scoff at anything that might suggest our mind has any influence on the scale of the broader cosmos.

But you might be asking them the wrong question. If you instead asked them exactly "how" and "why" gravity acts as the universal force of attraction, they can only mutter under their breath. For they would dearly love to know the answer to that question; while visions of Nobel prizes dance in their heads. So they don't really know why things are attracted to each other, or if there is another, perhaps even more basic force of attraction at work around us. Matter in fact attracts other matter (clumping) to itself from the magnitude stars, all the way down to the quantum level of subatomic particles.

The other fundamental interactions come more into play at the subatomic levels. And since we know all matter is really just super-condensed energy (Einstein's famous E = mc2 proof), we also know that condensed energy is actually just attracting other condensed energy. So can we make the stretch to suggest that concentrated mental energy can attract other energy that is otherwise unassociated with thought?  Tougher sell right? But is it?

What the metaphysical view of the universe is really suggesting is that our combined influence of thought on the energy field in the universe around us is what brings our perception of reality into being. We use the mental energy of our minds to visualize what we want to have, or have happen, and this acts against the energy background around us to reformulate it into the form and shapes that manifests our desires.

It's like a big movie we all create together. And then we decide to live inside that movie to experience the adventure we created for each other. The back lot for this movie set is the physical universe, as we all agree to experience it and each act in the movie is created scene by scene in our own individual episodes of life.

Science is out there inspecting the results of our movie building project to make sure it all conforms to the approved standards of physics and so forth. And then they report back to the rest of us that: "yep, it's all authentic and you can trust it to persist indefinitely". That's good news for all of us who own real estate. Now what about making the leap from unmeasurable mental energy having the desired effect on measurable external energy that creates the physical stuff we want to bend into our preferred future vision of reality? Well, the thing to remember is that energy is largely just a big potentiality until it is employed to do something special. It's all around us constantly, but isn't energy in the classic sense. It isn't even measurable until we decide to channel it's potential to do something with it - when we complete the circuit so to speak.

For example, we can build an electrical circuit to make a light bulb go on, or to power the lights of an entire city. It's the same energy used to light a single bulb using 100 watts, as it is to power the city using millions of watts. But until we turn on the lights - there is zero energy in the wires. And, someone had to originally mentally "decide" they wanted to harness (attract) and redirect that energy to light the lights. Whether the mind is employed to physically build the circuit, or to mentally "attract" it's potential from the same energy field in order to reshape it into a future reality - isn't it still just a matter of redirecting the same energy?

Think about it from this perspective. Our universe, at the core of it's matrix, is just a simple set of fundamental forces of attraction that react in predictable ways when influenced by something else. And that "something else" is always energy in one state or another, as part of a much larger field of energy potential. We continually reshape and re-purpose that energy field with our minds every day to physically create and reshape the world around us to suit our needs. So can directed thought energy alone attract and formulate our desired reality? What do you think?

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