Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Greatest Game In The Universe

Excerpted from the book: A View Beyond the Stars, on Amazon and Lulu

Anyone who cares to do a little reading, even in the mainstream, will readily come across plenty of material to suggest that reality is often up for grabs. It can be a bit maddening, but we know there is more going on around us than the physical sciences can measure and decipher.

And some people have reported incidents where they knew they were not entirely contained within their bodies; or even in this space-time reality at all. That's what all this Quantum Jumping stuff is all about, which is the current rage all over the Internet - being able to move about freely in other dimensions and possibly even other universes. It's an acquired skill I'm sure (tongue in cheek). Nevertheless, something interesting appears to be going on there.

People who claim to have out-of-body experiences (OBE), or near-death-experiences (NDE), where they are hovering about somewhere else in a room, looking down on their body, are all too familiar with this phenomenon. It can be pretty scary if you suddenly find yourself floating outside your head; and at the same time it can feel somehow strangely familiar.

And somewhere in the deeper recesses of our psyche, we all know we are playing The-Game-of-Life in this universe. We are supposed to show up, act out our part without questioning it and that includes remaining compliant to the laws of physics. Those are the rules and we must follow the rules. After all, if you've been following any of my previous blogs, like: The Game of Past and Present Life Adventures, you know there is evidence that we created all the rules to purposefully dumb-down our abilities in order to have a game in the first place. Why do you think God would create a universe with supposedly only one God? You can't have everybody running around being the supreme being all the time. That's not very sporting.

So when we want to get something done physically, like move a boulder from one place to another, we also know we need to use superior force to that which is causing the boulder to remain at rest. We know we need to estimate the amount of mass of the boulder – its density and the force of gravity being exerted upon it. We estimate our body’s ability to move it through muscle action only and determine that we’ll need to exert even more applied force than our body can muster alone.

So we find a lever and create a fulcrum and move the boulder using our minds, not just our brawn. Problem solved. We also learn that if we want to move boulders without a lever, we need to grow more muscle. So we work out, grow muscles and now we can do more physical work with less effort – and to attract more attention from the opposite sex. That’s another whole blog by the way.

The point to all this is that we have trained ourselves through the use of bodies and other apparatus, to apply more force to problems of moving mass around in a physical world, instead of just shifting reality in our favor – which would sort of be akin to performing magic. There is certainly enough fascination with the subject of magic and sorcery to suggest we've had a bout or two with those abilities in the distant past as well.

Really, when you really boil it all down around here on planet Earth, most of what we are doing is simply making bigger rocks into smaller rocks, moving things from one place to the other, faster and more efficiently, feeding and housing our bodies so we can continue to do physical work longer, procreating to make more bodies so when they wear out we will have more bodies to use when we need them, etc.

Sounds a bit like prison, huh? But here’s what’s missing in this rather dismal picture: pure creation. That’s something we’re doing a lot of every second of the day in between moving boulders around. But its so second nature that we all take it for granted.

Creation is at the essence of everything, from the original creation of the Universe, to the creation of a skyscraper, a new business, a new computer chip, or just a great bull session with friends. It is the fuel of Life, the reward for competing successfully. We create an image of what we want outside reality and then we endeavor to make our creation materialize in the physical world.

It’s why we play The Game at all! Each of us creates obsessively, all the time and it is what we do best. One can create positive or negative things depending on your perspective, but creating anything that interests us is the incessant goal.

There is also a grand scale of good versus evil. Both sides are in competition with each other. Those who represent each side of that dichotomy contribute their energy to provide a unique purpose and definition to the world around them. Good would have no measure without evil to compare it to. Some people like to refer to the ultimate good as God, or to a place, such as heaven – where one can all go an dwell in an idyllic state of blissful existence.

By most religious standards, that is where the winning side gets to go in the big contest of Life on Earth. Their end goal would be to achieve immortality without further contest or strife – forever. Sound sort of familiar? If you’re following the theme in a number of these articles, isn’t that possibly where we already originated from? Perhaps an endless, blissful existence as immortal beings might have already worn thin at some point maybe?

Those that like it and want to rally around our created stuff become our allies. Those that don’t are the opposing team – or merely spectators who enjoy watching others compete. When the opposing team appears more formidable, we endeavor to use more force to convince them they won’t win. We can exert a lot of energy to create that counter-force. As long as we see it as the winning side of The Game, everything is all fun.

Beings love to play games. Competition is great amusement. Look at The Games people love to play and you’ll derive wonderful insight into what we are doing on a massive scale, because we are doing the same things on smaller game fields. Here are a few illustrations - Football: moving a ball from one end of the field to another against opposing players trying to do the same; Baseball: hitting a ball to advance players around the bases on the field against another team; Tennis: hitting a ball back and forth trying to get the other person to miss it for points; Chess: moving pieces around on a small field in an effort to take the other player’s pieces off the board and force them to concede.

Bigger games are fun too: competing in politics to become President over everyone else in the country; pitting businesses against each other, economies of one country against another, even making war against other countries is a game. It’s a pretty deplorable one, but it’s still a contest of one side against another to win. Practically everything we do, everyday, is one form or another of competitive sport.

That’s what we beings do – we compete on a scale from the very minute, at the level of living single cells, to one the size of the Universe itself. And there is every possibility that more than one Universe exists, forming infinite alternate dimensions of space and time; infinite playing fields wherein immortal beings compete in all manner of sports, from the beginning of time and will continue beyond infinity into the future.

From the above, one should deduce that when operating in a force-effort manipulated Universe, the one exerting superior energy-force ability should rule right? True enough, however, that does not account for the interactions of the being itself. There is an interesting interplay between the being and the material world that the grosser wavelengths deployed through the use of force and effort seem to obscure – a sort of pre-alignment of reality as the being determines it should be. Not as it was, but as it shall be.

Drilling down once more to the base level, or quantum level on which the Universe seems to depend for its form and substance, we need to look more closely at what is going on between thought, creation and decisions a being is making in the interlude between imagined reality and that which is ultimately realized. In the fluid edge of reality, consciousness determines the future.

So instead of seeing reality as the walls in which we live, try seeing it more like the clay with which we play.

Excerpted from the book: A View Beyond the Stars, on Amazon, iTunes, Lulu and Barnes & Noble

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